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Form 2290: Logging

Tisha Morris

Logging can mean multiple things, from keeping a book log in a truck or an office, to logging trees.

But what exactly does it mean when it is asked in the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax Form? Should you select yes or no?

When you are adding a vehicle, whether it is taxable or tax suspended, you will see an option that says ‘Logging’. You will have to choose either yes or no. Below we will explain what logging is in the 2290 form to better help you decide which option is best for you.

Logging in the 2290 form means the following:A vehicle is considered a logging vehicle if it is used to transport tree products, such as logs or wood chips, to and from the forest.The IRS instructions for the 2290 form, has a more detailed list of instructions for what a logging vehicle is.

A vehicle qualifies as a logging vehicle if: It is used exclusively for the transportation of products harvested from the forested site, or it exclusively trans…