Using Saved Vehicle Information

Tisha Morris

One of the benefits of filing your 2290 online is that the information used in the previous tax year is saved in the account. This makes the next years filing pretty easy if you do not have any vehicles to add or delete.

When you create a new return and select ‘2290 Return New’, the system will give a pop-up message asking if you wish to carry over your previous vehicle information, if you wish to do so, you will select yes. 

Then you will need to select that you agree to review the vehicle information that is being carried over. Once you select agree, the vehicle(s) you filed in the previous year will carry over for your review. As long as everything looks correct, you can proceed. 

There is one situation where you will definitely need to make sure to review the VIN(s) listed. If in the prior year, you filed a VIN correction for one of the vehicles, the system does not carry over information filed in an amended form. This means, when you carry over your previous vehicle information, the incorrect VIN(s) listed in your original 2290 will pull over as well. You will need to edit, or delete and add the correct VIN for this filing. 

After this, the 2290 for each year after would pull over that corrected VIN since you have now filed it correctly on a 2290 form. If you filed with us one year but not the following and you decide to file with us again for the next tax year, the vehicles will not carry over. You have to file with us consecutively for the vehicle information to be carried over onto the next 2290 filing.

If you have any questions about how carrying over previous vehicle information works, feel free to call or chat with us. Our support hours are M-F 8AM-6PM Central. We will be glad to help.


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