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EFTPS: New Email Confirmation

Submitting a payment through the EFTPS used to feel like an incomplete transaction. 

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is a channel to submit a tax payment to the IRS. In years past, the EFTPS did not issue a payment confirmation or receipt. A bank statement was your only proof of payment.

Now, the EFTPS sends automatic payment confirmation to the email address you supply. Enter your email address when making a payment through the EFTPS. After you submit your payment, the EFTPS system will send confirmation to your email.

As with any tax-related matter, security is a top concern. The IRS has decided not to include any links in their confirmation email. The IRS hopes this will keep payers from clicking on scam links.

What does this mean for you? If you receive an email that appears to be from the IRS, but it contains a link ... DO NOT click on the link. The email is not from the IRS. Following the link may result in a breach of your information.

Remember that to submit through the E…