Weight Increase / Mileage Increase

Weight Increase

Did you realize you can file an Amended 2290 form for a weight increase if you chose the wrong one? What happens when you file the wrong weight? Your tax amount won’t be correct and you will still owe the IRS some money. They may send you a letter when they realize it and a penalty for filing late and possibly one for filing incorrectly. When you choose the weight increase option it will let you choose the original weight and the new/correct weight and then you’ll need to pay the difference to the IRS.  

Mileage Increase

You can also file for a mileage increase. That is when you originally filed as a tax suspended because you didn’t plan on driving over 5,000 miles but quickly realized that you have already reached 5,000 miles and it isn’t quite June 30th yet. Just choose the mileage increase type on the Amended 2290 form and then you can pay for the tax at that time and let the IRS know you have gone over the limit.


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