Uncle Sam Wants You to Get Your Routing Number Right!

Don’t you love going fast? Down the road, pulling the load, everything in line, and arriving on time.

We like that, too. When it comes to paying your heavy vehicle use tax, you can choose three speeds.

Super slow, where you write a check and mail it in.

Then there are two faster options.

One is to pay the IRS directly through their EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). But you have to have a login to do that.

An easy fast way to pay is to use ACH withdrawal. The money will come directly from your checking account. Just enter your Routing and Account numbers. But what if you make a typo in your Routing number? That will definitely slow you down.

To keep you up-to-speed, we implemented a Routing number verification. Every time you enter a Routing number we verify it against the Federal Reserve’s list of valid Routing numbers. If you happen to enter it incorrectly, you will be met with a red X. When you get it right, you will get a green check to continue.

We also give you an on-screen example of where to find the Routing number. The Routing number is always 9 digits. The Account number can be more than that. So make sure you have the right information and never have to slow down!

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